While only a majority of the population if left-handed it has not gone unnoticed by certain writers and they make sure to make a refferance to it.

  • "Inigo: You are wonderful"
  • "Wesley: Thank you, I've worked hard to become so."
  • "Inigo: I admit it you are better than I am."
  • "Wesley: Then why are you smiling?"
  • "Inigo: Becuase I know something you don't."
  • "Wesley: And what is that?"
  • "Inigo: I am not left-handed."


  • "Wesley: You are amazing."
  • "Inigo: I aught to be after 20 years."
  • "Wesley: (struggling) There's something I aught to tell you."
  • "Inigo: Tell me."
  • "Wesley: I'm not left-handed either."

The Princess Bride (movie)

Cyborg: What do you think? We got kicked out of our house, a pint-size Poindexter took me for a joyride, and in case you haven’t noticed, I just became left-handed!

Cyborg from Teen Titans episode one Final Exam

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