Unlike most tools such as a chef's knife, scissors are chiral, that is, they can't be rotated into their mirror image so they can't be used equally well with both hands. In the old days, only right handed scissors were produced and a left hander could not cut paper with them if they used them with their left hand when doing their natural action of pushing with the thumb and pulling with the index and middle finger because that would push the blades apart. Some left handers were taught to cut with their right hand to avoid that problem. Others figured out to pull with the thumb and push with the index and middle finger to avoid that problem, which caused a lot of discomfort. Some companies even produced scissors with nonsymmetrical handles designed for the right hand. Later, some companies produced left handed scissors for left handers. That still didn't solve the problem of the inconvenience of not handing scissors out randomly in a school class or the other problem of a student not paying attention to what the pair of scissors they grabbed looks like and making sure they grabbed the right type of scissors for their handedness. Later, other companies solved that problem by producing scissors that they called ambidextrous scissors that can be used comfortably with either hand by producing right handed scissors that have symmetrical handles and a tight screw as well as having the top blade slightly curve left and the bottom blade slightly curve right making the blades push themselves together from their own sheer stress. Although left handers can comfortably cut paper with them, they still can't use them to cut through strong materials like straps wrapped around a box that right handers can use to cut through them because the material itself still exerts its own force of trying to push the blades apart that's too strong. For that reason, it would probably be better to find a way to make it easier for right handers to find right handed scissors and left handers to look at the pair of scissors they took to see if it's the right type of scissors for their handedness. Since people might be in a place where the left handed scissors or not labelled differently than the right handed are are their identical mirror image, it might be better for schools to purposely order left handed scissors that are the identical mirror image to the right handed ones that will not cut paper if used in the wrong hand, so that they can teach the students to be able to look at the blades of a pair of scissors to see if it's the right type of scissors for their handedness and make sure they take the right type of scissors. China solves that problem another way by only manufacturing right handed scissors and teaching people at a very young age to use scissors with their right hand.

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